• installation on the vehicle total weight of minimum 6,000 kg
• capacity construction approx 2,500 kg
• Platform dimensions approx 5,500 x 2,300 mm
• Platform made of sheet steel
• construction and subchasis made of steel profiles
• hydraulic lifting / lowering platform
• Hydraulic sliding platform
• Angle slipways 11 - 13O
• auxiliary hydraulic stabilizers on the rear of the chassis
• hydraulic winch WARN Series 9

• a traction force on the first coil 4.500 kg
• steel cable diameter Ø 10 mm, length 25 m

• Hook speed ​​pulls about 11 m / min
• installation of winch on the front of the base
• manually operated winch
• mats to block the vehicle on the platform
• Hydraulic control block on the right side
• Management handles - located in the command box
• on the front fence upgrades hip type of orb
• The last part of the hook-type upgrades Scoop
• fenders
• Tool box girder
• side underrun protection according to CE standards
• Work searchlight on the fence behind the cab
• 2 x yellow flashing light on the roof of the cab
• hydraulic pump, oil tank and complete hydraulic installations
• blasting of steel parts and double coating in color according to customer

Accessories extra:

• towing hydraulic fork towing another vehicle
• Integrated telescopic crane with an extension (boom)
• Remote controls for anchor
• remote control with 4 functions
• compact lighting furniture type Americano
• additional reflector behind the cab
• tackle
• transverse displacement hydraulic winch (left / right)

Note: The options telescopic crane, traction hydraulic forks or a combination is determined for each vehicle, in principle, a minimum total weight of the vehicle at least 7,500 kg.

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